Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moments

I have no picture today. Well, I have one that I could post, but it isn't even uploaded yet and I'm lazy. So, there's that.

In other news, I am nearly finished with the embroidered toy project I posted a little picture of a few days ago. I just need the perfect little scrap of ribbon and I don't have it. I wanted to shop for it yesterday, but the place with the best ribbon selection was not open. I am hoping to get over there today and have a finished project on here by the weekend.

I also have decided on what I'm going to do with the baby's crib. I won't be able to do an entire nursery theme because I'm having her share a room with her reluctant big brother, but I saw some fabric I really liked and now nothing I could buy compares to what I envisioned. So yesterday, while my craft store was closed I spent the whole day working on transferring part of the fabric design onto some canvas I just had laying in my supply closet. Why is it that I have the urge to paint when I'm pregnant? And never simple things like walls?

You have to scroll through awhile, but there is a picture of what I painted last time I was pregnant in this post.

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