Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I had no Monday Moments yesterday because I didn't think I had a single photo to post. Turns out there were some on the camera that hadn't been uploaded. Whoops! I found that out today when I uploaded these babies.

Yeah, that is the puppy from way, way back in September. It's really terrible that I just sat down this morning and put in the hour's worth of work it took to finish her.

Once I asked for your advice and figured out how I was going to finish her, I decided to move on to my next problem project and leave the simple things until later. That later ended up being three days before Christmas, when I will be giving this "puppy-pup" to my niece is shameful. At least she is done though. I cannot say the same for my snowman potholders.


  1. I think you did a great job on the puppy. I still have no idea how to sew 3 dimensional plush things.

  2. It's not too hard. :) E-mail me your address and I'll send a pattern your way to try. I know you sent it on your Christmas card last year, but I lost it. (Hence the reason you should not be expecting one this year.)


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