Friday, May 1, 2009

I told you so

While I'm busy crafting Mother's Day gifts I thought I'd post some pictures I have taken recently. I love this time of year when I get to see colors after a long white and gray winter.

Of course, as it is just barely May, not every tree is with the program yet. I still couldn't resist taking this picture. They might not be green, but they're still pretty.

Look at the tiny little leaves on this though. Click on it, there are even little drops of dew in there. I took this picture while our truck was stuck in a giant mud puddle on a seasonal dirt road (that my husband just had to drive down). Even in the struggle to get unstuck, I had to take a minute to give this little branch the attention it deserved.

Lastly, look at what is growing in my yard already! I love the colors of these tulips. I swear that last year they weren't this brilliant. So, so pretty!
I warned you all in my very first post that sometimes I go all Urkel (read:"Did I do that?") with my photos. These are three good examples of my inner nerd screeching annoyingly. Enjoy!

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