Monday, September 23, 2013

Panda Bear

Oh my gosh, guys, guess what? I sewed something! Let's take a look back through the blog here and figure out when the last time that happened was. March! No promises that I'll be doing this too regularly. 

I used a Dolls and Daydreams pattern that I bought quite awhile ago, and although I've made this pattern four times now, this is the first time I've ever truly followed it. 

I made a punk/goth panda bear from it for my sister and it was so popular among her friends that I ended up making two more. This time, the panda's face is decidedly different and way more like Dolls and Daydreams original design. I have more plans for this bear. Hopefully, you'll see those soon. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And even more...

I'll bet you can't guess what this post is going to be about! I have been feeling the itch to haul the sewing machine back out, lately, but finding the time to actually do it, while maintaining everything else, is hard, hard work! Hauling out my laptop to create scrapbook pages is easy to do, and still satisfies that creative urge. 

Kit is Bella Gypsy's Hello Summer with bonus papers.
Last week we went to the beach and hit one of our favorite places for lunch. Dog N Suds is a drive in restaurant from the 50's with car hops and phones at the tables to place your order. Caroline was infatuated with the phones and paper hats. It was really fun watching her explore. 

I took these photos with my phone and edited them on Instagram. It's my latest obsession and I'm so late to the party on that! But, I'm loving them for digital pages. My phone is with me everywhere, unlike my camera, and it's really great for capturing everyday moments like these ones. 

Kit is Hello Summer again. Layout inspiration via Pinterest here
I scrapped these photos once already on a Speed Scrap (like the page above this one), but I really wasn't happy with how busy it turned out. I decided to start completely over and I'm really happy I did. This page has more photos, but a cleaner feel. Without using a golf themed kit, I really think just a few embellishments is the way to go. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More digi scrap pages

Kit is Ocean Safari by Kristin Aagard. Sketch inspiration found here
I'm still not quite caught up with 2013, but I splurged a little recently on some new kits hoping to be inspired to start and finish a few layouts. I chose this ocean themed kit to highlight one of the cool new features at our local zoo, a petting pool for stingrays! 

Kit is Bella Gypsy's Hello Summer with extra papers. Sketch inspiration found here
This layout highlights some more of my favorite beach photos. I love the way this page turned out, and the way all of the colors highlight these sepia toned pics. This kit is seriously pretty and great for all sorts of summer photos. I can't wait to put it to use for a few more events left on my "to scrap" list. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up on 2013

Whew! Life is still going on here in big, big ways, but I have managed to stop and scrap it at least a few times, recently. 

Inspired by this template with some paper and elements by Just Jaimee and Bella Gypsy's current Facebook freebie
I took these sepia toned photos of my daughter at the beach. That top one is my absolute favorite! I need it in a frame! Since the photos were sepia toned, I was at first, unsure of what colors to scrap the page in. I ended up using elements from a few different kits in the colors of her sunhat. It worked out perfectly, I think, and should tie in nicely with the color photos from that day if I decide to scrap them, too. 

Kit is Bella Gypsy's Besties with added freebies, no longer available. Sketch inspiration here
I took a short trip, recently, to my hometown to visit my best friend and some family. I love this photo strip of all of the children. It really does capture the chaos, like I said in my journaling, and is a great reminder of the time these adorable cousins spent together. 

Kit is Forest Friends. Inspiration from the My Memories Facebook page Sunday Speed Scrap. 
After the photo booth, we let the kids run around in the play area in the mall, or what my friend Jessica calls "the germ tree". HA! I thought it was the perfect fit for my much loved and used Forest Friends. I miss these kids already!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Memories Workshop and layout inspiration

If you have been following me on this blog (or maybe on Pinterest) for any amount of time, then you have undoubtedly seen some really fun digital scrapbook pages I have created with My Memories Suite

Kit is Sweetness with added ice cream. Page inspiration from a Speed Scrap.
Right now, there is a really unique opportunity if you live anywhere near the Ohio area or are willing to travel, to go to a My Memories Workshop! You get a copy of the latest My Memories software free with your paid registration, so even if you are just starting out, this is perfect for you. It also sounds like a complete blast with a scheduled pajama party and 16 hours of kid-free scrapbooking time! The dates are June 21-23 and there is a discount code (it was still working a few days ago even though they said it ended the first) on the event page if you're interested. 

Kit is Cool Change with added stitching and string. Layout inspired by this template.
I finally finished up my 2011 book, just in time to order it with a huge Father's Day discount. I'm so excited to see these pages printed and get caught up with 2013.

I lost the template I was trying to recreate with this page. I thought I had it pinned, but I can't find it now and there is just way too much inspiration to sort through over there! The papers and elements on this layout are a hodgepodge of items from different designers, because I couldn't find just one kit that had all of the colors of my baby showers. I know there is some Bella Gypsy, Just Jaimee, and Megan Turnidge in there if you'd really like to try to hunt it down, though. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Coupons, scrapbook page and where I've been

Wow, long time no see! How are you all? I would like to say that this is a foray back into regular blogging, but it probably isn't. Life is happening here, big time. We finally finished moving, after some really awful flooding that ended up destroying a lot of our possessions. It takes a lot longer, when instead of just moving boxes, you're sorting through them for water damage and throwing out photos of long passed relatives. 

Kit is Bella Gypsy's Basket Case bundle, Kitten embellishment is from The Cat's Meow.
I obviously haven't had much time to keep up with my hobbies lately, but I did get a really good coupon for a photo book that expires next month, so I'm making an effort to finish my 2011 book. I love these photos taken of Caroline in the hospital, but I was so uninspired on a page. I'm pretty happy with the way it finally came together..after about five attempts!  

Speaking of really good coupons, My Memories (the software I use to create all of my pages) has a great coupon for Memorial Day. Enter the code 15Mem5day for $5 off of a $15 purchase, and as always if you don't have My Memories and would like to try it out, my discount code is in the sidebar! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Round Up

So Easter was three days ago, sue me! Or don't, really, you'd get a minivan in great need of a detailing and two sewing machines. I'm rich, y'all. 

Layout made with Bella Gypsy's Basket Case Bundle
If there was a theme to my holiday this year, it was probably Pinterest. I saw tons of cute eggs colored with Sharpies, so I bought a package of the new Bic permanent markers to try it myself (They were less than half the cost of Sharpies, and wrote really well, and they didn't smudge after being in the refrigerator or the damp grass...I might be a convert!) I also pinned a couple cute banners and tried my hand at making one from this printableIt turned out nice, but just like my baby shower banner, I made it way too large. Maybe I'l find a better place to hang it next year in the new house. 

I also bought a cheap grapevine wreath from Michael's and embellished it with a whole bunch of stashed craft items. I used the Bic markers for this project too. The little foam eggs were on bamboo skewers, and I colored them brown to blend in with the wreath before weaving them through. You can kind of see up close, but I was really unsure of what kind of adhesive to use on the Styrofoam, so for me, this was a much better option. 

Another bunny from the Pinterest printable
What do you think? I'm excited to have some decorations I can use year after year, and for less than $12 with all of the supplies I had on hand!