Friday, June 15, 2012

Free child's crown template and tutorial!

I'm going to confess something. The people at My Memories have been sending me freebies to pass on to you all since the giveaway I did last year. I haven't been hoarding them, they were just kind of lackluster, and I figured if I didn't have any interest, there wouldn't be much interest from you all, either. 

However, they have recently stepped up their game. You have to bear with me a little, here. They still don't look incredible, but you can completely customize them! This is the exciting part. 

The latest freebie (and you only have a few days to grab it before the links turn into the newest offering) is a crown template! How cute is that idea? You could make one for every kid at your child's birthday party with their names on it! 

So, here is what the freebie from My Memories looks like, and a little tutorial on how to put it together.

Crown Tutorial

1.  Print your Crown templates on cardstock and gather supplies.  (Recommended supplies: craft knife, cutting mat, metal edged ruler, small scissors, stapler)
Print out template page

2.  Using the craft knife and metal edged ruler cut along outside line.
TIP: a small pair of scissors could be used as an alternative, especially when adding decorations to the top points of your crown
Cut out crown

3.  Align bottom edges and staple together.
Staple sides togther

4.  Repeat on other side to form a circle

Using MyMemories Software to Customize your Crown
  1. Download template file and install it into your software
  2. Using MyMemories Suite, choose Create Album From Designer Template and find your project
  3. Now you can add pictures, print and enjoy the provided template, or customize it with your own papers and embellishments.

You can right-click on the white guide and lock it in place to keep it from moving while you are working. Make sure this is the top layer of your project before printing.

Instead of adding the paper as a background paper, you can add it as an embellishment so that you can move the paper around.  This is especially useful when using papers with stripes or circles, so you can decide which part of the paper you want to use.

Once it is added as an embellishment, you can now select the paper and move it into the position you want it.

Just SAVE and PRINT on cardstock!

Download the pink crown template here! There is also a boy and birthday version available if you would prefer. 

Now, here is the part where I show you how cool these can be! 

I forgot to change my printer settings on the first one I printed and came out with the cutest tiny size crown for Caroline with an adorable purple fairy. Gabe wore his Batman crown all day but refused to let me take a picture. I blame this on the long photo session from Wednesday (more on that later). 

I didn't line my template up quite right, but I failed to realize that until after I had centered the name and my embellishments, all from the Cute Spooks Combo Pack

Which brings me to another scrapbooking tip. Halloween kits can be awesome for birthday layouts! They often have little "stickers" of children in superhero or princess costumes, very popular themes for kids birthdays! All I did, in the case of the fairy princess crown was add a pretty pink background paper from another kit. Completely changes the feel! So, grab the freebies if you want them, and as always, if you want the software my discount code for $10 off and $10 worth of kits is in my sidebar! 

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