Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there!

My Memories blog hosts a challenge every Wednesday and this week the rules were that you had to create a page about a mom. I had been wanting for awhile to make a page for my grandma, who didn't live to meet any of my mom's grandchildren (she died just days before my niece was born). 

That first little blurb tells a story about how my grandmother hated having her picture taken. It was sort of a running joke in the family about who could get the worst picture of her, because once she saw the camera she would turn her head or sneer. Then one year, she went and got her picture taken at a studio. She smiled and looked right at the camera, and gave a copy to all of us, because she wanted there to be one good photo of her when she was gone. 

I had planned for that beautiful photo to be in this scrapbook page, but discovered that I lost it. I lost my one and only good studio picture of my grandma. Not a happy discovery. This is a crop of a picture I took at the last family reunion I went to of her with six of her seven children. 

As usual, I cobbled together bits and pieces of several different kits for my page. The glitter alpha was a freebie from Megan Turnidge, the wings are from a baby kit, the papers and cloud are Mye De Leon (same kit I used to make this other page), brads are from a mothers and daughters kit, and butterflies are from a photo kit

In other news, I did not complete my goal of finishing my quilting. Ugh! I didn't even start working on it until Wednesday, ran out of thread Thursday and got to the fabric shop on Friday just in time to grab the last spool in my color. Whew! I'm beginning to think of this as the quilt that never ends. 

I took the kids outside to play yesterday. My neighbor was pulling out of her driveway in her minivan and stopped in front of my house to say, "You would think, as a stay at home mom, that I would have all of this time, but I just don't! I'm so busy!" I smiled at her and yelled a very supportive, "I know!", because I had just been thinking about all of the laundry and dishes and sewing that wasn't getting done while I was in the yard watching my kids. Sadly, I don't think "It's the thought that counts" quite works when all you're doing is thinking about cleaning the house. 


  1. Aww...my great-grandma did the same thing with the professional photo, really the only good picture we have of her! You page looks great, and so does that precious baby outside!

  2. I love it...it's very happy...made me smile :)


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