Thursday, November 17, 2011


I really sincerely thought about posting a Monday Moment on Monday, then I took a nap or something. Honestly, I don't remember what I did at any point so far this week except for the three doctor's appointments I have been to, and I only remember those because they're written in my calendar.

I'm exhausted. "Sleep when the baby sleeps," only works when the baby is your first one. Not to mention, it is hard to get sleep when they have you running all over town. My girl is 20 days old today and she has had six appointments already. Plus, Gabe had a four year check up that turned into a sick visit and I have an appointment tomorrow! Yikes!

And if you've paid attention this long, I guess you deserve some kind of photo. I promise, there will be more baby photos soon. (She's already grown 1/2 an inch and gained more than a pound!)

This is from Gabe's birthday party. Note the crying face in the corner. He did not want to be sang to or have any photos taken. A request I should have taken seriously, but I never honestly thought that every photo of him (other than the gift opening ones) would have this face in it.

We got the number 4 sparkler "candle" at Party City. Only after we got it home did we read on the back that it isn't supposed to be used for children under 8. It was fun though, and set off every single smoke alarm in the house!

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