Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A cry for help, and a baby pic

Remember that bookshelf I was refinishing? Well, I sanded it and was nearly done painting it when my water broke, leaving me a full week less than I thought I would have to finish it. Of course, I didn't have the time to get to it with a tiny new baby and it started getting too cold to paint in the garage. So my husband brought my project into the basement where I could work on it at my leisure.

What happened and how do I fix it? I have refinished furniture before, including a few other antique pieces, but I have never had anything like this occur. I want to say humidity, but really I am fairly inexperienced with wood, and I'm not sure that makes sense.

In other news, the baby is getting bigger, and I'm getting more sleep, but I'm still not fully functional. How could you look at this, though, and think a few months of hardly crafting was not worth it?

I love babies in grown up clothes. Teeny tiny jeans are adorable without chubby little thighs stuffed into them, and crazy adorable when you combine the two!

And she is waking up to eat again...did you know that in the past two days I have watched an entire season of How I Met Your Mother ONLY while feeding her? Truth. This is why my blog is lacking.


  1. My guess would be that moisture from the paint caused it. You could probably glue and clamp it, but it would probably be better to find a new bookcase. Kate and I were looking at them at Target last weekend for $30.

    Awww, little sister is so adorable. Is she going to end up a redhead do you think?

  2. I put so much work into it. :( I was hoping new wasn't the answer, but it had occurred to me that it might be.

    And yes, definitely a redhead.


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